It’s Done

The show is done!


Wow, it has been a whirlwind trip of design this semester. I swore to myself that I would get it done, and I did. However, I also swore I would update this, but well, you know, things happen.

Cue the first draft: I wrote a blog post a few days ago, and the Wi-Fi icked out on me, so my beautiful long, masterful post was not saved! Even now, I pause and watch that “Save” button shift over to ‘Saving…” to “Saved” to make SURE it does what it is supposed to.

Anyways, I’m here to try again.

It was an incredible experience to put on this Senior Portfolio Show. So many people were visibly thankful for the mental health struggle exposure that I provided. One girl in particular told me she was thankful for my rant page, as she recognized clearly some of her own feelings. A family friend told me that she wouldn’t know what anxiety looks like, but, she looked at Floxy and felt that embodiment. I suppose that’s one point for me!

When I first walked into the gallery for the opening reception, I was immediately set upon by the Gatepost, the school’s newspaper. As someone who very much would rather stay out of attention of others and the spotlight, I was flustered, but honored. I explained how I wanted to use my portfolio book to help others.


So now I have a claim to fame! It’s only a school newspaper, but it is a start!

The book came out beautifully. (It’s my baby!)


So, with graduation around the corner, I find myself thinking, what next? Well, I’ve got some ideas. Today in fact, I was sitting down to a mock interview in the Career Services Office, and thought about all the other mental health issues I could explore. I could make more stories, draw more creatures! I could make enough mental illness characters to rival the Marvel Universe!

Here goes!

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