Take Form, Children!

This semester is absolutely insane with its craziness and absurdity, and we’re only about three weeks in! I’m being seriously tested, but I am still moving forward.

There was another hate crime incident on campus unfortunately, so Floxy has been stepping up his game, despite us being in a hesitant standstill/truce maybe? He’s freaking out like I’m freaking out, and we are both so very ready to get out of college and move on.

The Sludge has taken a backseat, contenting ITself with glaring at me from the dark corners of the room, now that Floxy is so upfront and personal. I’m dealing with the lesser of two evils now. After all, would you rather have anxiety or depression? That’s a tough one, but at least Floxy makes an effort to make himself an ally. I am not freaking out by myself, as he is in this too.

But, how do we get through it? Drawing. So, I’ve got some updates! The sketches are starting! In these first weeks, we’ve been doing branding, and my business cards look pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. But I’m ready to get these characters down, so that the book can begin!


Working on those shading studies? Yes sir.


When one wonders how horse legs work, one practices.


Also, reference sheets! Floxy was clamoring for his to be first, so there you are.

Here we go! The drawing craziness has begun!

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