A Brand New Ball Game

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There! A fancy definition for you!

Want another one?

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Cool, cool, now the introductions are over.

One way for me to fight off the ever-present symptoms was to create a distance: a way for me to back off, have some recovery space, and look at the problems with new eyes. Maybe if I gave a name and a face to these problems, they would disappear? Fat chance, but at the time I thought it was a pretty good option.

Thus, characters!

I have always been a compulsive character creator. That’s why I want to go into character/creature design, because I can’t stop the urge to make more and more. I needed to put my characters through the ringer to be able to get through what I was feeling.

So, I needed villains and a ‘hero.’ (Hero? More like a punching bag.)

I thought to my small acne-riddled high-school self, shoot, what am I good at drawing right now?

Dogs…yes, that’s kind of it. I like dogs. Wolves.


Ok cool, I made a dog. His name? I don’t know, what is a good name for a dog?

My depression-addled mind gave me one thing: Mop.

That’s all I can come up with? Alright, okay, I guess this is what we’re doing now.

What is depression like? It seeps in through the cracks. It’s like the Blob.

The Blob? Well, it’s like this:

Leaves traces of itself everywhere, a metaphorical snail trail of bad thoughts and feelings. A whispering voice of self-deprecation. Engulfing. Seeping. Molding itself into the smallest of places.

What animal does that best represent? Oh, slugs. That’s a good one.

The Sludge, reporting for duty, right on time.


2/3 done, okay.

The last boy is this ‘Floxy’ I spoke of in the first post. The good old worrywart.

Mr. Fluoxodia Reptilia. (Well, technically, it’s Fluoxetine, but I had to make it rhyme somehow, right?)

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 6.54.20 pm

What is anxiety like? If depression is a slow-moving slimeball, anxiety is like every jumpscare in every horror movie. Fast, and completely out of nowhere. One day, you feel great, but then boom! A test tomorrow? Someone is in the hospital? Your crush is talking to you?? Anxiety, nice to see you!

He’s gotta be fast, with an immobilizing touch. That was easy. Have you seen a snake strike? Especially something like a cobra? Those things could stop a cheetah in its tracks. Snake it is.


The main characters, all ready for business. And they were. And they are.

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